The accommodation has been reserved at the Wordsworth Hotel & SPA in Grasmere, which is also the venue of the Conference. Rooms will be assigned as availability permits: the most charming rooms tend to be booked fast and it is recommended that prospective participants enroll early to help ensure the best accommodation.

Meals for the participants will be served in the fascinating rooms of the Wordsworth Hotel & SPA. Please contact us  ( in advance if you have specific requests or special dietary requirements: we can place a request, but it cannot be guaranteed that all special needs can be met. 


Guests are not permitted to attend the sessions or discussion groups but they may participate in the meals at their own expenses. Details will be sent to confirmed participants. Guest participation is in any case dependent upon availability of accommodation and there will be extras charges for double or multiple occupancy and meals. If it is necessary for young children to accompany a participant, it is expected that they will not be disruptive to the scientific event. Please contact the Wordsworth Hotel & Spa ( to ensure that adequate accommodation is available.

Accommodation: from October 4 (check-in) to October 9 (check-out) at the Wordsworth Hotel in Grasmere (the conference venue).
Meals: from the dinner of October 4 to the breakfast of October 9, 2021.

Fees: TBA

Contact at Wordsworth Hotel (****)

Additional Accommodations